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Get Shafted! LTModem Diagnostic Tool

The latest version is now 0.9.9, if you are interested here is the download. Appologies for the not doing anything on this for the last few months, but I've been busy!

The 'unoffical' version is available from Pavel's LTModem page and here !!

I started to create a tool for use with Lucent based PCI soft modems. It was based on the pciutils 2.0 code, which may be a bit out of date now.

With the help of Pavel Machek ( and more recently Jamie Lokier, it has morphed into the basics of a driver, though it is still run in user space and is still in the early Alpha stage. In fact recently Pavel has become a major contributor, so thanks must go to Pavel for making this project possible.

The current version has a compile fix for Slackware and some as yet unused modem negotiation code.

Please Note: This is not a proper driver! It will NOT work with PPP!

The current functionality (0.9.9) is:

Finds a Lucent PCI winmodem and reports information on this.

Goes offhook and detects the dial tone.

Dials using pulses or dtmf. Here in the UK the dtmf dialling works, you can hear the call being answered.

Try "ltmodem -d 011223344" (replace 011223344 with the number of your favourite ISP) and listen to the modem at the other end answering the call!

Detects the answer tone of the phone at the other end, or busy tone if it is engaged.

Picks up incomming calls.

Command line mode allows control of modem interactively or via a script file.

Includes fixes for Pavel's voice stuff, just need some more detailed instructions on how to use it! This includes turning you computer into an expensive telephone and full duplex voice transmission.

Reads ROM check sum and does basic I/O for DSP RAM.

Monitors/Sets either data in the PCI registers or at the I/O ports, monitoring at configured intervals.

This program will not work unless you run it as root.

It compiles OK on my Redhat 6.2 machine, please let me know if it doesn't compile for you. I have heard of compile problems due to the (old) version of PCI utils library I have used.

Winmodem links

Lucent have at last produced a Linux driver. They have released it as a binary kernel module but it does not always work properly. As far as I know they do not intend to release any source.

Here are a few links to help you find information on those troublesome winmodems. Project to bring winmodems to the Linux community, furfilling their telephonic potential.

Winmodems are not modems A Wallace and Gromit fan has a HUGE listing of modems and winmodems.

Linux Telephony Telephony related stuff for Linux!

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